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Billing Options

How to Read Your Bill


Most people experience higher electric bills in summer and winter when temperatures are at extreme highs and lows.  This can make it difficult to stick to a budget.  Members who enroll in our Budget Billing program can avoid this seasonal swing and can have their bill amount averaged. 

If you are interested in Budget Billing, please call or visit our office.  We will guide you through the simple process of signing up.

Note:  The consumer agrees payment will be made by the due date each month. 

The consumer understands the monthly payment is not the amount actually billed and they will be liable for any balance due or will be given credit for any overpayment at the time of termination of this agreement, or at the time service is disconnected. 

To qualify for budget/variable billing, members must:

  • be on our service for 12 months
  • no disconnect collar/smart meter,
  • $0.00 balance


What is prepaid billing?

With prepaid billing, you pay for electricity how and when you choose. Purchasing electricity before you use it allows you to control your budget and pay how much you want, when you want. And there are no security deposits or late fees. Instead of a monthly bill, your use and balance are calculated daily.


How does it work?

You purchase electricity before you use it. Payments can be made when you want – online, over the phone, or in person at our office. When your account runs low, you will get an alert by email, phone call or text, letting you know it’s time to recharge your account.


What if paying your electric bill was like buying gas for your vehicle? It can be. Southeastern Indiana REMC offers prepaid billing, a pay-as-you-go energy solution.

  • Choose your own payment schedule
  • Purchase electricity when convenient
  • Monitor electric use
  • Customize the plan that’s best for you
  • No deposits, no late fees, no monthly bills


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