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Generator Program



22 kW Total Home Backup Generators Affordable For All

Your REMC offers huge member discounts on the total home backup generator and optional equipment, plus gives you one year to pay! 

Here is how the plan works:

After completing the paperwork and credit check, REMC will install the generator, transfer switch, and optional equipment and make sure the generator runs properly. Your 1st payment is $1,300 plus any additional material, optional equipment, and pro-rated maintenance. The remaining balance of $3,900 will be paid in 3 equal quarterly payments - interest free.

REMC retains ownership of the unit until paid in full. Member is responsible for availability of LP or Natural Gas fuel source to the generator. Call for details. 


Details about Generac Pre-Packaged Emergency Power Systems (generators) provided by SEI REMC:

  • Automatic engine start/stop
  • 22 kw generator weighs 550 pounds
  • Provides emergency power to the entire house
  • Dimensions are Length x Width x Height (49x26x29)
  • Can be operated by either liquid propane or natural gas
  • At 50% load, a generator will use 1.78 gallons per hour
  • Automatic electric load transfer to the “live” source of electricity
  • Overspeed / low oil / high temperature / low coolant level shutdowns
  • Most powerful, fully automatic, enclosed generators of its size available anywhere
  • SEI REMC will set unit on 3” of gravel included in cost of Generator, member may purchase a
    pre-formed steel re-enforced pad for $200, or supply a mounting pad of their choice


Program Qualifications:

  • Member responsible for providing fuel source (LP or natural gas) to generator. Minimum LP gas tank of 300 gallon or larger with 2 regulators.
  • Must carry a $300 annual maintenance agreement.
  • Must place unit within 10 feet of meter base, unless other arrangements are made during the site survey.
  • Must agree to have a Demand Response Unit (DRU) installed for load control purpose.
  • Must have electric water heater, central air (heat pump, geothermal, or gas furnace w/central air).
  • Must be a member in good standing.



Model 7142 22 kW air cooled unit 200 amp transfer switch 3 R service rated 26 R

Generac Battery with installation:

$4,860.00     Member cost

$   340.20     Sales Tax



Optional Equipment:  *Currently running 1/2 Price Sale on Optional Equipment

Surge Protection Device:  $100

Pre-formed steel re-enforced pad: $200

Cold Weather Kit:  $300


Member costs may vary depending on additional materials needed for install. 


Downloads:  Generac Program Details | Agreement Form

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