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Incentive Programs

Year 2018 Incentive Programs

Effective for installations Jan. 1, 2018 – Dec. 31, 2018



  Information about the benefits of membership.


  2018 Rebate Form

  Please complete and include with your proof of sale/receipt.



  Discount Lighting

  Click here to take advantage of discounts on light bulbs.



  Water Heater Program

  Installing a new heat pump/hybrid water heater for new home construction or replacing an existing gas water heater?  Southeastern Indiana REMC will reimburse you for some of the cost.



  Air-source Heat Pump Program

  If you’re considering replacing your existing fossil fuel system, replacing a non-air source heat pump or other resistant electric system or planning to build a new home, investigate this program.



  Geothermal Program

  The energy saving potential provided by geothermal heat pump technology far exceeds that of all other consumer based heating and cooling methods.



  Insulation/Duct Sealing Program

  Cash back on insulation or duct sealing for homes older than two years old.



  Government Tax Incentives Available

  A list of Energy Star tax incentives for upgrading or using high efficiency products.



Commercial and Industrial Incentives

Your commercial and industrial (C&I) business can now be a part of the Team Up effort to save money and energy through the C&I Energy-Efficiency Program.


 Appliance Recycling

Call 800-737-4111 to schedule a pick-up.  .  

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