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Operation RoundUp

Small Change That Changes Lives

One of the fundamental characteristics of a consumer-owned electric cooperative is its close relationship with the community it serves. This commitment to community is also one of our guiding Touchstone Energy principles along with accountability, integrity and innovation. We have a special responsibility to the people in our service area that goes beyond simply providing reliable and affordable power.

That is why we are so pleased to share with you the details of an exciting community service program we have developed called Operation Round Up® which brings together all four of the Touchstone Energy principles.

Simply stated, Operation Round Up® gathers voluntary contributions from participating co-op members by “rounding up” their monthly bill to the next dollar and those few cents are deposited into a separate fund. For example, let’s say your bill this month is $81.75. The bill would be automatically rounded up to $82 and the extra 25 cents would be deposited in the Operation Round Up® fund.

On the average, most members will donate $6 per year. And you won’t ever pay more than 99 cents in a month.

Small change indeed. But multiplied by our nearly 26,000 customers, it is “small change that changes lives.” Every donation is made to worthy applicants right in our own local area, and all of the contributions go to the needy, not to the administrative costs of running the program.

A board of trustees will oversee the fund and its distribution. Charitable groups or organizations that have a community project for which they need funding will submit applications to the Operation Round Up® board. The group’s responsibility will be to evaluate applications and distribute the funds. 

By using this procedure, Southeastern Indiana REMC ensures that the money you raise will benefit the quality of life in your community. Some examples of possible uses of the funds include new equipment for a volunteer fire department, educational equipment for a school, lighting for a ball field, emergency assistance for a weather-related disaster, etc.

As a non-profit electric cooperative for more than seven decades, Southeastern Indiana REMC has always been committed to playing a key role in the lives of people throughout our region.

What is most rewarding about the concept of Operation Round Up® is that it is an extension of the concept of neighbor helping neighbor that built our electric cooperative.  Just as our forefathers joined together to build their own electric systems when investor-owned power companies refused to serve rural areas, Operation Round Up® helps co-op members reach out to worthy causes in their communities and work together to help others.

The Operation Round Up® program originated with a South Carolina electric cooperative and is being used by cooperatives all over the United States including many right here in Indiana. The program has been very successful and the money collected has gone to some wonderful community projects.

We are excited about Operation Round Up® and its potential to make a difference in our communities. We also hope you will participate with us in this new program where the power of cooperation is demonstrated through “small change that changes lives.”




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