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Water Heater Program

When installing a new heat pump/hybrid water heater for new home construction or replacing an existing gas water heater with an electric water heater, or just replacing an old electric water heater, Southeastern Indiana REMC will reimburse:

  • $50 for a standard water heater (40 gallon or larger) with a DRU installed.
  • $600 for a heat pump/hybrid water heater (all in one units).

*No incentives for tankless water heaters.


Requirements to qualify for this program:

  • Must participate in Demand Side Management program
  • Minimum 40 gallon size ($50)
  • Must be Energy Factor .90 or higher
  • New water heater must be installed in Southeastern Indiana REMC service area.
  • Must show proof of sale, model and serial numbers, size, make and energy rating.

*REMC personnel retain the option to verify installation.





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